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We’re QueerCut, a soon to launch online, gender-free fashion marketplace. We’re on a quest to make shopping easier for LGBTQIA+ consumers. We believe it shouldn’t be difficult to find and shop a wide array of brand and product choices that fit your gender expression, body and personal style. So, we want to know what your challenges are in finding clothing and accessories and where you find inspiration to achieve your ultimate queer style!


If you identify as queer or part of the LGBTQIA+ community we’d love to include your story in our video series.  In order to participate, please fill out the accompanying Video/Photography Release form. Be sure to include the name you allow us to use publically, as well as your social media handles.


The “QueerStyleStories” series, in conjunction with the QueerSp_ce project, will be featured on our website  Selected videos, including gifs and photographic stills, will also be featured on our social media platforms using the hashtag #queerstylestories, including:

Instagram: @queercut

Twitter: @queercut

Facebook: /queercut

Google/YouTube: @queercut


You can create your own video using your smartphone and then send us the final, unedited version to  You may share the file, or send a link, using DropBox or GoogleDrive if the file is too big for email, using the same email as above.  

This process should take between 15-30 minutes, using nothing more than your smartphone!

You can also see examples here.

Please following these directions:

  1. Choose a place in your home, office or outdoors that isn’t too cluttered.  

  2. Make sure that the ambient light behind you isn’t brighter than in front of you, otherwise you’ll be too dark.

  3. Place the phone/camera in horizontal mode (not vertical).

  4. If you have a stool to sit on, that’s the best. You’ll want to crop the image just around your knees.  If you are standing, please also crop at the knees. If you are sitting on a chair or sofa, crop at the waist.

  5. Set your smartphone to video mode.  4K or HD full color mode is preferred so that we get that best picture.  Please don’t use any filters. Depending on your capabilities, you may be able to film this on your own, but you can also enlist a friend to help!

  6. Wear something that you feel comfortable and yourself in!

  7. Answer the first questions about you (name, age, gender, etc.,) in one take, this way it’s very personal and not stilted.  For the rest of the questions, you can read and answer them as you go. Just make sure there is a significant pause between each, so that we can easily edit the video.

  8. At the end, we are asking each participant to just say a few phrases for us.  You can do a few takes if you want, so we have a variety of options to choose from!

  9. Please send us your video in the highest quality format possible, with no edits.  

  10. Most of all, be open and honest and have fun!  Your stories are sure to inspire others to be their best selves.


Tell us a little about yourself…

  1. Name (use public name provided in “release form”)

  2. Age

  3. Where you Live

  4. Gender Identity

  5. Pronouns

Now let’s talk style!

  1. What’s something people immediately notice about you?

  2. Describe your personal style?

  3. What is your biggest challenge while shopping for clothes?

  4. How long does it take you to find clothes or accessories that fit your needs?

  5. Where or who do you get your queer style inspiration from?

  6. Where do you currently shop to achieve your personal style?

  7. What has been your biggest fashion win and faux pas?

  8. How important is it to you to shop brands that are queer inclusive and queer specific?

  9. How awesome would it be to have all your favorite queer brands together in one gender-free online marketplace! (Feel free to smile, shout and exclaim)

Now, please state the following words...

Gender Free!

Shop Queer!  


…and cut!  

Thank you so much for participating.  We’ll let you know when we’ve posted and hope you’ll share it with your followers.  

Upon request we are happy to provide you the edited file to post on your own profile.  We ask that you include our handle (@queercut) and website ( when possible), as well as the following hashtags: #shopqueer #queerstylestories.

We also ask that you take our full marketplace survey at:  


Please share this “how to” document with any person you think might be interested in participating, along with the video/photography release form.  We want to share as many stories as possible.

Thank you!