Follow Corinne on Instagram: @phil_aka_corinne

Follow Corinne on Instagram: @phil_aka_corinne

Meet Corinne


Corinne Phillips is a style consultant and Co-Founder of QueerCut, a global, gender-free marketplace and online community that connects LGBTQ+ shoppers with queer friendly brands and products. Additionally she serves as co-anchor of Transition of Style, a podcast that discusses the places where personal style and identity meet. She is also the co-organizer of Style Sessions, an event geared toward providing tailoring/styling services for gender non-conforming and trans individuals.

Describe your gender identity and/or your preferred gender presentation.

Masculine of center.

Describe your personal fashion style?

Clean and minimalist.

What advice would give to others trying to find their own authentic style and gender expression?

In order to find your style, you must truly know and understand yourself.


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