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QueerSp_ce is a project sponsored by QueerCut, dedicated to giving voice to the queer community, through stories, images, conversations and educational forums, with a focus on the intersection of fashion and culture with gender and sexuality.


Featuring the best in queer style and expression.

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Capturing the unique stories of queer people, sharing their stories about style and identity.

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Photographic and video stories: fashion focused, fine art based, or narrative driven.

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An annual forum for conversations about the intersection of fashion, gender and sexual expression.

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A monthly queer community event held in Brooklyn. Each session has a theme meant to support queer folks in their style journey. Meet fashion experts, mingle with fellow queers, and share the love.

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Stray Daze


Stray Daze is an emerging fashion influencer, based in Brooklyn, New York. Stray’s unique sense of style, melding feminine details with masculine cuts, is featured on Instagram @straydaze, as well as her website and blog,

In the past year, Stray has built a following of over 7,500 followers on Instagram, with posts receiving hundreds of likes each, and garnering the attention of the fashion elite. Most recently, she was featured in InStyle magazine, in an article titled “Hair That Comes Out For You,” an opportunity to share her story of style, queer identity and authenticity. In February 2018, Stray launched her blog as a way to “document the process behind how I throw things together, push myself to expand my wardrobe, take more fashion risks...and learn more about myself.” And it’s this mix of writing and imagery, open and personal, that resonates with her readers.

Read the full interview, “What Makes Me.” | See Stray featured on QueerStyleStories.


they/them | Jethary is a recent graduate of Reed College and now a biology researcher at Princeton University. They have recently been featured by DapperQ and Them and was chosen to be one of the faces of New York City World Pride 2019.

See their QueerStyleStory.


she/her | Comedian Mindy Raf has received raves for her one-woman show “Not the One.” GO Magazine says “Mindy Raf brings audience members on a hilarious journey through life and death, polyamorous relationship struggles, anxiety, bisexuality, and sex positivity…”

See her QueerStyleStory.

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We’re on a quest to make shopping easier for LGBTQIA+ consumers. We believe it shouldn’t be difficult to find and shop a wide array of brand and product choices that fit your gender expression, body and personal style. So, we want to know what your challenges are in finding clothing and accessories and where you find inspiration to achieve your ultimate queer style!



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