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Guest Post: Non-Binary Femme Fashion for the Male-Bodied

For people who identify as non-binary, or wake up identifying differently from one day to the next, traditional shopping can feel judgmental and anxiety-inducing. Having no choice much of the time but to shop in either womenswear or menswear sections, it’s quite common to face choices that may fit one’s gender presentation, but not one’s body—or vice versa. A standard misconception is that all non-binary people are on the androgynous side, but this simply isn’t true…as many retailers seem to believe. In other words, if jeans and hoodies can be gender neutral, skirts and lingerie should have the same morphing power.

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Part One: Queer Fashion Series

While queer style overlays with fashion trends in general, the queer community has historically adapted these trends to their own needs. While not as obvious, queer clothing can also be utilitarian, providing solutions to problems experienced primarily by queer people. And finally, clothes are given meaning by society in general, often with an intrinsic moral code built in. Queer people often must subvert or reject these meanings and find their own, often allowing for greater visibility, within subsets of the queer community.

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Behind the Concept

QueerCut was conceived by founders Joshua Williams and Antonia Predovan as a gender-free, online marketplace that brings all queer-friendly brands together. "Through our research, we were surprised to find that most online brands continue to use Women and Men as their top search and filter categories, even if they cater to a queer community. We wanted to create a marketplace that didn't assume gender binaries, but focused rather on fit and style, curated by queer influencers," comments Joshua.

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