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Transition of Style, podcast

We are excited to announce and support the launch of Transition of Style, a new podcast that explores the ways in which personal style and identity meet. The podcast was developed by two friends, Corinne and Alana, who love to discuss the intersection of fashion and style with queer identity.  The two friends realized that there might be people out there who would relate to their own stories and struggles, and a podcast seemed the perfect way to engage with a bigger audience.  

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Queer Fashion Conversations, The Archive

We are constantly scanning the web for articles, studies and conversations related to gender, sexuality, fashion, style and culture--particularly the ways these topics intersect. We do our best to share the best of these articles on our social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We hope you'll follow us and be part of the ongoing conversations on each of these posts. Your comments are valuable.  We have also begun an alphabetical archive of all of the web links we have shared below, and updated weekly!

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