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Meet the Founders: Antonia Predovan

“…there is a real need to help niche brands—often brands who are solving real problems—build brand awareness, reach a wider audience and scale their businesses into profitability. There’s real opportunity in developing a competitive queer marketplace that will raise the profile of all brands and serve the needs of the community.” Antonia and her team are on a mission to understand the challenges of this diverse community.

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Meet the Founders: Joshua Williams

With the major disruption now happening in retail, the intersection between science, technology and research is more important than ever.  What’s more, these changes are happening at a breakneck pace, and necessitate brands finding a balance between being tech savvy as well as authentic in their interactions with customers. “I am so interested in building brands in niche markets wherein there is a direct link between a company’s service and their customers. Customers want to feel like they’re having a one-on-one experience with brand and the products they offer,” concludes Joshua.

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