Queer Ambition - Gender & Fashion

There is a need in the queer community to find more ways for people to express themselves and I really do think fashion and style is one of those ways of doing it.
— Joshua Williams

QueerCut is driven by a clear mission to promote, facilitate and engage brands and customers in radically inclusive commerce. That mission is achieved by creating authentic, one-on-one, individualized relationships that eschew traditional fashion retail standards and assumptions. Eliminating the male/female binary as the defining way that customers shop on QueerCut is key to this approach, ensuring a more personalized experience focused more on style expression and personalized fit. This basic shift, eschews traditional fashion retail assumptions and standards, with the potential to disrupt the industry far beyond QueerCut’s initial queer target market. After all, this “radically inclusive” ethos goes beyond website hierarchies, or product placement, it drives every conversation and decision made.

Recently, the three co-founders of Queer sat down with the hosts of the Queer Ambition podcast to share this mission and to discuss the intersection of gender and fashion in contemporary society.

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A few highlights from the conversation include:

Antonia Predovan, Chief Executive Officer

“Not only am I excited about solving people’s problems in terms of finding clothing that fits their style and their body, but the other main aspect of it is bringing those people together on to one platform as shoppers and also as a community.”

“Through QueerSp_ce we’re looking to support queer artists and other members of the community by showcasing their work and making sure they are learning from each other.”

"I didn't realize the level of depth that there is in a relation like business partnerships. I never really thought about it: Wow this is a relationship, I need to consider feelings, I need to come up with how I want to communicate so I'm not misunderstood."

Joshua Williams, Chief Branding Officer

“We talk a lot about individualization and the ultimate queer fashion is...fashion anarchy. It’s blowing up the standard, blowing up the system and just saying ‘wear whatever you want.’ And we’re going to help facilitate that for you.”

“If we’re really meeting people one-on-one, that really changes the entire fashion system.”

Corinne Phillips, Chief Technology Officer

"We're all going to have different ideas about how to go about doing things but at the end of the day, what we're trying to do there's a lot of unification within the end goal."

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The QueerCut marketplace is scheduled to open in Spring 2019. Please stay tuned for more details.

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