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We are constantly scanning the web for articles, studies and conversations related to gender, sexuality, fashion, style and culture--particularly the ways these topics intersect. We do our best to share the best of these articles on our social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We hope you'll follow us and be part of the ongoing conversations on each of these posts. Your comments are valuable.  

Staying Safe

Social media is a major part of our lives, and an amazing way to promote LGBTQIA+ visibility. However, 73% of the community have been harassed online for their gender and sexual identity. We recommend this resource from VPN Mentor to stay safe out there!

Creating an Ongoing Archive

Even though social media is a great way to share information, we have found it's sometimes difficult to find that certain article we are referencing. So, we've decided to provide a one-stop link to all of the articles we post, in alphabetical order, for easy referencing. We hope this helps keep conversations about these important topics front and center.

If you find an article that you think would be a good fit for the archive, please reach out to us on our Contact Page.  Be sure to include the link.  

Additionally, we have recently added a link to the recent AutoStraddle compendium of 22 important articles/essays on gender and fashion. You can access the link here. You won’t be disappointed.

Thank you!

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The Archive


A Cool, Genderqueer Label to Know (T Magazine, February 2017)

After a Queer Fashion (Public Books, December 2013)


The Best Pride Merch to Shop from Queer-Owned Brands (TeenVogue, 2018)

Beyond ‘Queer’ Fashion (New York Times, February 2019)

Body Acts Queer, Clothing as a performative challenge to heteronormativity (online book, Maja Gunn)

Brands Seeking Engaged Customer Marketplace (QC Blog, September 2018)

Breaking the Binary (New York Times, July 2018)

But Make it Fashion (series, AutoStraddle, November 2018)


Erika Linder on Fashion and Identity (Vogue Paris, February 2019)


Fashion as Healing: A Black Queer Love Story of the Self (QwearFashion, February, 2018)

Femme Fashion is Queer Fashion (Autostraddle, November 2018)


The Gay and Transgender Pay Gap (American Progress, April 2012)

The Gender Divide in Preschoolers' Closets (New York Times, August 2018)

Gender-fluid Clothing is Revolutionary—if only it were more affordable (Mashable, September 2018)

Gender Fluid Fashion is the Future. Here’s How Menswear is Changing (GQ Magazine UK, November 2018)

Gender Neutral Products and Influencers (The Greatest, October 2018)

Gender Neutral Store in Vogue at Finnish Fashion Store (India Blooms, September 2018)

Gender Rebels (Fashion, Style & Popular Culture, 2016)


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Queer Customers in Search of Good Fit (QC Blog, August 2018)

Queer Fashion: More than Just Clothes (Point Foundation)

Queering Fashion History (Not Just a Label)

A Queer History of Fashion (book, Valerie Steele)

Queering Gender, A Fashion History (AnOther Magazine, 2015)

Queer is Fashionable (BC Excelsior, September 2018)

Queer Representation is Important Everywhere (Glossy, September 2018)


These Gender-Neutral Labels to Watch... (Fashionista, May 2018)


Un-Gender Utopia (DNA India, September 2018)


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9 Dapper Clothing Labels That Will Help You Suit Up (LGBT Sentinel, September 2018)

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