Meet the Founders: Antonia Predovan

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Maximizing Brand Opportunities

Antonia began her career at Beanstalk, an Omnicom Group agency, as a strategist behind some of the world's most recognized global brand extensions. She was responsible for strengthening relationships between customers and brands, celebrities, manufacturers and retailers by creating comprehensive licensing programs that enhance brand value, increase long-term relevance, and generate meaningful revenue for companies. Building on this experience, she joined Brandgenuity in 2015 as Director of New Business. There she continued to refine her understanding of retail trends and consumer demands, particularly from the customer’s perspective, constantly considering a consumer’s appetite for brand extensions, brand perceptions, buying preferences, behaviors and motivations with an eye toward unlocking a brand’s equity in a sound, strategic way. Helping her clients understand the importance of brand licensing as a strategic marketing tool and view brand extensions as a form of authentic consumer engagement enables Antonia to provide consumers with opportunities to truly experience a brand in fresh and enticing ways that go beyond their core offering.

Community Driven

Antonia’s branding and marketing expertise extends beyond licensing. In 2016, Antonia joined HER Social App as Event Producer and Brand Ambassador. In her role she conceptualized and produced immersive, artistic, and engaging events for New York’s LGBTQI+ community, thus establishing the HER brand in a hyper-competitive local market. She states, “From the beginning, my goal for HER events in New York was to create an intentional, diverse queer community that is inclusive of all genders, races, ages and socio-economic status. It was about bringing together brilliant and inspiring people you want to be friends with.”  During her time with HER, Antonia led development and management of budgets, staff, production schedules, talent coordination, and venue bookings, and developed and managed relationships with existing and prospective sponsors, partners, and influencers. In 2018, she secured a partnership with NYC Pride to produce Pride’s official women’s Saturday Night event. Featuring 30+ performers, in a three-level venue, she made the event profitable by developing unique social media marketing campaign and expanding event’s audience reach across gender and sexual orientation spectrums.  Over 1000+ tickets sold were sold, with many influencers in attendance, making this is one of HER’s most successful events to date.

Galvanizing the Queer Community

After her success with HER, Antonia was driven to find a way to further connect her expertise in branding, marketing and product development to the needs of LGBTQI+ community. When her friend and retail specialist, Joshua Williams approached her with the idea for starting a business that would solve queer people's issue around difficulty of finding brands that fit their bodies and style, she immediately jumped on it as she fully resonated with this issue of finding clothes that fit her own needs. This extended quickly to include another friend, Corinne Phillips, a full-stack software expert, and queer style expert.  Out of these conversations emerged a clear market need, a partnership, and the birth of QueerCut. Co-Founder, Joshua Williams, is quick to exclaim, “Antonia has a real knack for galvanizing people around an idea, building excitement, and turning complex concepts into reality. Her energy is infectious, and I’m so excited to be working with her.”

Antonia is excited about the scope of the project, “our vision for QueerCut is to bring all the different sides of the queer community together—brand owners, creatives, models, influencers, and consumers, among other, and solve the problem of customers being able to find the clothes that fit their body and style, no matter their identity.”  She continues, “We’ve also realized there is a real need to help niche brands—often brands who are solving real problems—build brand awareness, reach a wider audience and scale their businesses into profitability. There’s real opportunity in developing a competitive queer marketplace that will raise the profile of all brands and serve the needs of the community.” Antonia and her team are on a mission to understand the challenges of this diverse community and to find ways of leveraging existing and new technologies to problem solve. “This is something I am very excited and passionate about" exclaims Antonia.

—Adrian Gray, Chief Blogging Officer

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