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We are excited to announce and support the launch of Transition of Style, a new podcast that explores the ways in which personal style and identity meet. The podcast was developed by two friends, Corinne and Alana, who love to discuss the intersection of fashion and style with queer identity.  "We met two years ago and are conversations always circled back to our personal style journeys, as women who shared a love for traditional men's tailoring," exclaims Corinne, who is known for her natty tailored suits and ties.  "I was constantly being propositioned for advice about style, especially by women who wanted to wear men's clothing, but had now idea where to start, let alone shop."  The two friends realized that there might be people out there who would relate to their own stories and struggles, and a podcast seemed the perfect way to engage with a bigger audience.  

Alana & Corinne

Alana & Corinne

"Style and identity is something that is evolving for me" Corinne says, "at the same time, on parallel tracks." In the first episode, the duo discusses how this transition of style isn't just about clothing, but how a person presents in public spaces through these transitions. For example, how do you deal with people at a wedding that you haven't seen in a while, and who are not aware of these changes in style or identity? These changes can be quite drastic, from wearing lipstick and a skirt one year, to wearing a suit, bowtie and buzzcut the next. These transitions can be exciting, but also create anxiety.

In episode one, Alana kicks off the conversation with her own style journey, beginning with her hair. "The most epic change was two years ago when I decided to cut my new stylist at the time said 'your hair doesn't match your personality....your personality is so fun and energetic, but your hair just makes you look like a soccer mom.'"  She makes an appointment to cut it as soon as possible and remembers the minute the stylist turns her around in the chair for the reveal! "I got emotional, I started crying...because it was sort of that moment that was yes...this is it!" she exclaims. "Hair and style is how you present yourself to the world." 

These moments on the podcast are real and have an emotional punch to them. They are sure to resonate with others who are also on their own style journeys, trying to align with the person who lives inside them, with the person who lives out in the world. 

"I look forward to sharing my own journey in episode two," says Corinne.  She adds, " but I'm also looking forward to having guests who share their own unique journeys in upcoming episodes. We hope to inspire our listeners to be their best, most stylish selves!"

Transition of Style can be listened to on Apple Podcasts and Stitcher or on your favorite podcast platform. Episodes will also be posted on the QueerCut website, and will include special extras for QueerCut customers. Be sure to share the podcast and add your own voice in the comments. And follow them on Facebook and Instagram @transitionofstyle.

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-Adrian Gray, CQB, Chief Queer Blogger