Introducing... Queer Style Stories


Fashion, an Outward Expression

There is no doubt that fashion is a powerful cultural and social signal. It expresses who we are, and how we fit or don't fit in to culture at large.

Ironically, our naked bodies are what make us unique from anyone else in this world, and perhaps what makes feel so vulnerable when naked. Clothing provides a protective layer over our bodies, not so much from the dirt and grime, but from our inherent flaws. Clothing then is a powerful way to find commonality, to "fit in" with our fellow human beings. And yet, humans chafe when there is too much uniformity, yearning for ways to express themselves and their individuality. Thus, our second skins have become a canvas for expressing ourselves, by fashion a "look" we want to portray to the world. Fashion becomes the signifier of both group identity, but also of personal expression. 

Queer Tribe

Clothing has also proved powerful in helping individuals who don't fit societal norms. It can be used to signify an eschewal of societal norms and mores, but it can also be a way to find a tribe of people with shared values. Coming out then often involves a shift in what a person wears, how they perceive their body, and their relationship with clothing.

The stories of these initial shifts and the ongoing journey to find the right style and fit are unique to each individual.  As we began to develop the QueerCut marketplace, we began by reaching out to LGBTQIA+ people of all backgrounds. We wanted to capture their experiences on video to help us to understand their shopping needs, but soon realized their stories deserved a life of their own. And so we created Queer Style Stories.

A Project for ALL

We are currently in the process of video recording our own stories, as well those of our closest friends.  Each story is edited down to its essence and then presented on the Queer Style Stories page. A few stories have already been posted about Rhys, Alexis Aiona and Corinne.  Each story is unique, so we hope you'll watch and enjoy them all.

How to get involved!

In the short time we've been doing Queer Style Stories, the feedback has been amazing, so we've decided to open up the project to anyone who would like to participate. We've provided step-by-step instructions on how to create a video with any smart phone or camera.  Unedited video is then sent to us to be edited and prepared for the Queer Style Stories page.  You can find instructions by clicking on this link. You'll also need to download our Media Release form, sign it and send it along with your unedited video. Once edited, your video will be included on the Queer Style Stories page of our website, and may even be included on our social media platforms.

Make it a Party

If you have a "gaggle of friends" or your "chosen family" that you think might be interested, we've found that taking videos of each other can be a lot of fun; and it provides a great way to share personal stories that often come as a surprise, no matter how well you thought you knew each other. It's an amazing conversation starter. Simply set up a camera in a quiet room and let the magic happen.

We'll be throwing our own parties this fall in Brooklyn, NY. More details to come, so stay tuned!

-Adrian Gray, chief queer blogger

Photo by malcolm lightbody on Unsplash