Radically Inclusive Commerce.

QueerCut is an online fashion marketplace connecting brands that offer authentic, inclusive products and services with customers seeking clothing and accessories curated to fit their body type and gender expression. It is an engaged community of learning, conversation and creative expression that celebrates diversity and encourages visibility through individual style.

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To be the online marketplace of choice for brands and customers seeking a one-stop, seamless shopping experience, curated for all body types and representing all gender expressions. To engage customers and brands with creative content that educates, inspires, and supports radically inclusive commerce for a diverse, intersectional community, encouraging visibility through individual style.  


QueerCut combines our deep commitment to serve the needs of the LGBTQ community with our expertise in online retailing, niche-marketing and authentic brand engagement. We leverage the latest technologies to connect queer inclusive brands and customers, to:

  • Enable existing brands seamless integration between their inventory and the QueerCut marketplace with synchronous sales and CRM tools.

  • Empower new brands to launch and immediately engage consumers, with no set-up fees and a commission-based sales structure.

  • Engage customers with a gender free, one-stop shopping platform to search and purchase multiple products with one check-out process.

  • Offer influencer curated shops to educate customers on fashion trends and maximize sales.

  • Support and scales brands with customized marketing tools to reach a large and diverse customer base.

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CMI, Community Marketing & Insights

June 2018, USA Report

“Corporations that support LGBTQ equality are more important than ever.”

85% Agree

“I tend to support companies that market to and support the LGBTQ community.”

78% Agree

“Companies that support LGBTQ equality will get more of my business this year.”

76% Agree

CMI Reveals Diversity and Power of LGBT Consumer (BEQ Magazine, August 2018)

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