Top 22 Articles: Queer Identity and Fashion

© 2018  AutoStraddle

© 2018 AutoStraddle

We couldn’t help it. These 22 articles compiled by AutoStraddle are too good not to share. And we want to give credit where credit is due, so we created a special page just for them!

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  1. Fedora, by Dayna Tortorici for n+1

  2. Model Behavior, by Laurie Penny for The New Inquiry

  3. Dressing Like a Madwoman, by Maayan Goldman for Vestoj

  4. The Beautiful Ones, by Momtaza Mehri for Real Life Magazine

  5. The Lez Look Book, by Kristin Smith & Ariel Dunitz-Johnson for The Bold Italic

  6. (Re)View: Grease (1978) – A Study in Lesbian Fashion, by Alice Lesperance for Shakespeare and Punk

  7. Laneia’s These Shirts series

  8. Drag Has Gone Mainstream: But Where are the Kings?, by Nicole Phelps and photographed by Stef Mitchell for Vogue

  9. Lingerie Ads Have Always Been Homoerotic, by By Jeanna Kadlec for Racked

  10. The Queer Art of Failing Better: “Queer Eye” For the Capitalism-Damaged and Toxically Masculine, by Laurie Penny for The Baffler

  11. Wildfang Wants Its Feminism to Be Bigger Than a T-Shirt, by Katie Heaney for Racked

  12. A Bridge Between Love and Lipstick: Queering the Beauty Industry, by Arabelle Sicardi for Buzzfeed

  13. What The Well-Dressed Dyke Will Wear, by Liza Cowan for COWRIE (1973)

  14. DYKE_ON is the lesbian fashion mag you’ve been waiting for, by Emma Hope Allwood for DAZED

  15. Erin’s What I Wore series

  16. The 1920s lesbian power couple who transformed Vogue, by Miss Rosen for DAZED

  17. Digging Through Kathy Acker’s Stuff, by Dodie Bellamy for Lithub

  18. A Day in the Life: Anita Dolce Vita of dapperQ, by Molly Adams for Autostraddle

  19. The Subtle Power of Lesbian Style, by Guy Trebay for The New York Times

  20. I Dress ‘Straight’ to Protect My Clients, by Bea Bischoff for Racked

  21. I Took Sephora’s Beauty Class for Trans People — And Loved It, by Mey Rude for them dot us

  22. The Queer History of the Fanny Pack, by Sonny Oram for Qwear